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Hobart 1612 Slicer Specs

Stephen Lilley

The 1612 is an industrial strength meat-slicer manufactured by the Hobart company. It is designed to be used in a restaurant setting or other commercial food preparation settings, but can also be used in the home. Technical specifications for the Hobart 1612 include the type and size of blade used in the device, and what types of food it was designed for.


The Hobart 1612 is a countertop meat slicer. As opposed to a larger unit that is designed to be mounted or a unit that sits on the floor, the Hobart 1612 is designed to fit directly onto your countertop. The unit itself can be secured to a counter using screws and fasteners that are built into the unit's case.


The Hobart 1612 measures 21 inches high from the very bottom of the unit to the very top. The unit is 18 inches wide and 24 inches deep. If you're thinking of purchasing a Hobart 1612, measure the area in which you want to install the unit to verify it will fit. The Hobart 1612 weighs 135 lbs.

Blades and Materials

The Hobart 1612 uses 12-inch blades to slice meet. The exterior of the unit, including all of the areas directly around the blade and where you place food for slicing, is made out of stainless steel. The base of the unit is made out of aluminum.

Manual Use

The Hobart 1612 is a manual meat slicer. Unlike slicers that work automatically and cut food by themselves once you place your food into the holding container, the Hobart 1612 requires a user to manually move the blades across the food at all times. A gear-driven motor aids in this process, allowing the user to cut even thick meats with relative ease.