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Super Slicer Instructions

Lisa Parris

The Super Slicer is a mandolin style kitchen tool. This handy gadget is designed to cut foods into similarly-sized slices. The Super Slicer can be used on most any type of food; the sharp blade slides through everything from soft fruits to hard cheese to tough vegetables. The thickness of the slices can be adjusted with a simple twist of a knob, creating fat french fries or paper-thin potato chips. Uniform pieces not only improve the appearance of the finished dish, they cook more evenly, easing the food preparation process.

  1. Place the Super Slicer on a flat, stable surface. Turn the device so the blades are face down. Carefully pull the stand from beneath the body of the slicer until it snaps firmly into position. Turn the Super Slicer over. Place the taller end of the appliance near your torso, so that the Slicer is angled downward and away from you.

  2. Invert the food safety holder. Place the item you would like to slice over the spikes and push down gently until the item is secure.

  3. Adjust the blades by turning the dial located on the side of the Super Slicer. The bigger the space between the body of the Slicer and the cutting blade, the thicker the slices will be.

  4. Hold the Super Slicer with one hand. With your other hand grab the food safety holder. Applying light pressure to the knob, push the food down the body of the Slicer. When the food comes into contact with the blade, a slice will fall to the surface below.

  5. Slide the food safety holder back to the beginning position. Move it forward once more, creating a second slice. Repeat, using slow, steady motions, until each item is finished. As you reach the end of a piece of food, a small portion may have to be discarded as it will be too small to slice.

  6. Clean the blades and body of the Super Slicer by sponging them with warm, soapy water. Hold the Slicer under a running stream of cool water to rinse. Wipe dry with a soft towel.