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How to Remove the Motor Stem From a Cuisinart Food Processor

Ty Arthur

Your Cuisinart food processor uses a slicing disc for chopping or pureeing any ingredients, from fruits and vegetables to cake batter or even seafood. The device uses a motor stem adapter, which connects to the motor and turns the slicing disc. Over time, the motor stem may become clogged with leftover ingredients, or it may simply stop working. If you need to clean or replace the stem, you will first have to take apart several other components of the processor.

  1. Unplug the food processor's power cable if it is currently plugged in, and set the device on a table or other flat surface. Press in the left and right sides of the release button on the plastic cover lock at the front of the food processor.

  2. Lift the cover off the top of the food processor and set it aside. Pull the work bowl off the processor.

  3. Insert two fingers into the finger holes on the rotating blade disc. Turn the disc clockwise until it unlocks, and pull the disc out of the food processor.

  4. Grip the exposed motor stem adapter at the center of the food processor, which is pointing up in the air. Turn the stem counterclockwise to unlock it from the base of the processor. Pull the motor stem adapter out of the Cuisinart.