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How to Disassemble an Oreck Air Purifier

Ty Arthur

The Oreck line of purifiers uses two different filters and a collector cell to help circulate the air in any room of your home and pull allergens directly out of the air. To work at peak efficiency and remove any unwanted odors in the room, your Oreck purifier needs to have clean, working filters. Through normal usage the filters become dirty and clogged with dust that accumulates in the room. In order to clean or troubleshoot your air purifier you need to disassemble the entire unit.

  1. Slide the power switch on the front of the Oreck air purifier over to the "Off" position. Unplug the power cable running from the back of the purifier to your electrical wall outlet.

  2. Lift up the front end of the air purifier until the small plastic thumbscrew on the bottom edge is visible. Manually turn the screw counterclockwise with your fingers until it pops out of the air purifier. Set the purifier back down.

  3. Grip the plastic grill on the front of the purifier and slide it toward you. Set the grill and its attached collector cell on a flat work surface. Grip the charcoal filter on the back of the collector cell and pull it upward to remove it from the cell.

  4. Grab the rectangular plastic filter screen inside the air purifier and slide it out of the purifier. Locate the fragrance cartridge release switch on the control panel at the right side of the air purifier. Slide the switch over to the left to eject the fragrance cartridge.

  5. Pull the fragrance cartridge out of the device to finish disassembling the Oreck air purifier.