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How to Repair a Honeywell Air Purifier

Ty Arthur

If the rooms in your home are consistently dusty or you are concerned about pollutants in the air, a Honeywell air purifier cleans the air by filtering contaminants floating in your home. Unlike many other types of purifiers, the Honeywell models use three separate filters. Eventually those filters will become completely clogged and the entire device will stop working as it should. To repair the purifier and get it back up and running, you only need to replace the filters and clean out the device.

  1. Press the "Off" button on the front of the air purifier and unplug the unit. Turn the purifier around so the plastic locking mechanism is visible.

  2. Twist the locking mechanism counterclockwise and pull the mechanism off the air purifier. Grip the exposed circular HEPA filter and its black carbon pre-filter. Pull both attached components out of the Honeywell filter.

  3. Grab the circular CPZ filter, which is positioned behind the HEPA filter. Pull the filter out of the air purifier and set it aside. Wipe out the interior chamber of the air purifier with a soft cloth to clean out any remaining dirt or residue.

  4. Wrap your replacement carbon pre-filter around your replacement HEPA filter. Snap together the two fasteners on the ends of the carbon pre-filter to lock it in place on the HEPA filter.

  5. Slide your replacement CPZ filter inside the air purifer and set the HEPA filter and its attached carbon pre-filter back into position in front of the CPZ filter. Set the plastic locking mechanism onto the purifier and twist it clockwise to lock it in place.

  6. Press the "On" button on the front of the air purifier and plug in the unit.