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How to Fix a Honeywell Air Purifier After It Starts Making a Loud Sound

Nicole Papagiorgio

Honeywell air purifiers clean the air of pet dander, dust, and mold. The filter can only hold so much before it needs to be replaced. Change your air filter to keep air free of allergens and your product running smoothly.

How to Fix a Honeywell Air Purifier After It Starts Making a Loud Sound

An air purifier cleans the air of any particles such as pet dander, dust, mold and other allergens by passing the air through a filter. Like your home filter, your Honeywell air purifier filter will need to be periodically replaced. Your air purifier may have come with a three month pre-filter that will need to be replaced with a three- to five-year HEPA filter. If you have already replaced your temporary three-month filter with a HEPA filter, it should last up to five years with occasional dusting. Some recommend using a vacuum twice a year on your filter, but proceed with caution, as this can cause damage if the filter is torn or pulled during the process.

When a Honeywell air purifier begins to make a loud sound, it is a sign you need to change the filter. Replacing the filter is easy and this will stop the noise. You can purchase your new filter online or in store. Match your air purifier model number with the correct corresponding filter. You can find your model number in the owner's manual or on the white stock keeping unit (SKU) label on the bottom or on a side of your Honeywell air purifier.

  1. Unplug the Honeywell air purifier.

  2. Rotate the handle on top of the air purifier in a counterclockwise direction and pull upward. This handle should come off easily.

  3. Remove the cover, which is directly under where the handle was.

  4. Pull out the HEPA filter that is inside the air purifier and discard.

  5. Replace the HEPA filter with a new HEPA filter that fits your model. Honeywell makes several air purifiers, and you may need a specific air filter for your model. Check your model number and purchase the corresponding filter.

  6. Return the top cover to its original position and replace the handle, turning it clockwise until it is tightly screwed onto the air purifier.

  7. Plug in the air purifier and set it to reset. Your Honeywell air purifier should no longer be making a loud noise.

  8. Tip

    Depending on your model of Honeywell air purifier, there may be an indicator light that will turn on when the filter needs replacing. You will need to replace the filter in your air purifier every one to three years, depending on the model. Your model number should be on the white stock keeping unit (SKU) label on the bottom or on a side of the product. Make sure your new filter matches your model number.


    Do not attempt to clean the HEPA filter instead of replacing it completely. This will render the filter ineffective.