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How to Remove the Blower Motor in a Trane XL80

Julie Boleware

Blower motors push the air out of the air handler, into the ducts and eventually, into a home or office. The blower motor is located in the center of the blower assembly which includes the blower frame, the blower wheel, and the motor. The whole assembly has to be taken out of the air handler in order to reach the motor. Sounds complicated, right? Luckily, removing the blower motor of a modern air-conditioning system is a straight forward process and requires very few tools.

  1. Turn off the air handler's power, either at the breaker inside the air handler or at the main breaker box.

  2. Remove the nuts and open the air handler access panel.

  3. Follow the bound group of wiring from the side of the air handler up to the base of the motor and disconnect the wiring.

  4. Unscrew the two front screws of the blower assembly. Slide the assembly forward to unhook it from the mounting screws.

  5. Sit the assembly on the ground with the bottom of the motor facing up. Loosen the 3 bolts that hold the motor to the blower.

  6. Flip over the assembly over and loosen the nut around the base of the shaft.

  7. Lift up the assembly. The motor will slide out.