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How to Clean an Air Filter in a Weedeater

Nathaniel Miller

As summer approaches--and the mercury in the thermometer starts to climb instead of plummet--homeowners will begin to venture outside to tend gardens, reseed lawns and cut the grass. One essential piece of equipment that many homeowners use to trim the edges of their lawns is the Weedeater trimmer. Weedeaters are small, gas powered trimmers that can quickly and easily trim high grass around the edges of sidewalks, stairs, and other yard structures. However, due to sitting in the garage all winter or to extremely dusty conditions, the air filter on the small gas motors of Weedeaters may become clogged and need to be cleaned.

  1. Locate the air box on the weedeater. It is generally located on the back, left hand corner of the motor compartment of the weedeater. It is black. There is a single screw that holds the air box closed. Use the screwdriver to remove it and pull off the airbox.

  2. Unscrew the thumbscrew in the center of the now exposed air filter. Pull off the filter. The filter is made of a reuseable open cell foam.

  3. Dust off the filter if there is visible dust build up, then hold it over the plastic bucket.

  4. Pour a bit of the gasoline or acetone through the filter. Swish the filter around in the liquid in the bucket. Squeeze it thoroughly to remove any excess.

  5. Lay the filter out to dry away from any open flame or spark. Allow to dry completely. Slide the filter back into place and tighten the thumbscrew down. Slide the airbox back onto the motor. Screw the mounting screw back in.