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Directions for the Rival Rice Cooker Model 4450

Caprice Allen

Using an electric rice cooker to prepare rice or vegetables can save time in the kitchen and be healthy way to use hot steam to cook your food. Whether you are new to using an electric rice cooker or have used one for years, it is always a good idea to carefully read the manufacturer's instructions. The Rival manual for the Rival Automatic Steamer and Rice Cooker Model 4450 includes directions on how to safely use the appliance and tips for its proper cleaning and care.

The model 4450 rice cooker from Rival can quickly and efficiently cook up to 8 cups of rice.
  1. Check that your appliance has all the parts supplied by the manufacturer for proper operation. This appliance model should have a high doomed cover, a rice bowl, a steamer basket, an outer water reservoir, a heating well and a working indicator light. There should also be a working electrical cord attached to the appliance.

    Make sure the appliance is on a level surface and not on a polished or waxed surface that can be damaged by hot steam or water.

  2. Pour the required amount of water into the inner water reservoir. The water should cover the heating well at the bottom of the reservoir. The amount of water used is determined by the recipe and type of food to be cooked.

  3. Place uncooked rice in rice bowl with water. Use a 1:1 ratio of water to rice in the bowl for white rice, or 2:1 for brown rice. For foods other than rice, such as raw vegetables, place food in steamer basket.

  4. Place rice bowl or steamer basket in inner water reservoir. The bowl or basket should fit snugly over the oval shaped metal inner water reservoir. If water spills over the sides when the basket or bowl is lowered, you may want to check your recipe requirements.

  5. Place high doomed cover over rice bowl or steamer basket. The cover should fit snugly. If the cover does not fit completely, reduce the volume of vegetables or rice and adjust your recipe accordingly.

  6. Plug appliance into outlet. This model is designed for use with a 120V AC wall outlet. Check that the indicator light is on. When the water boils dry, food is done and the indicator light will go out. For safety, unplug the appliance after cooking is complete. To avoid overcooking, you should remove food promptly.