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Westinghouse Potato Masher Directions

Adela Sanders

Mashed potatoes are nutritious and a staple side dish. Unfortunately, mashing potatoes by hand can be tiresome and leaves lumps. Westinghouse has created a fun potato masher called the Steam 'N Mash. It is easy to use and relatively inexpensive. You can run the Westinghouse Steam 'N Mash while attending to other foods in the kitchen. Best of all, you can have ready-to-eat mashed potatoes within an hour.

The Steam 'N Mash makes delicious mashed potatoes in an hour.
  1. Wash between two and three pounds of potatoes. Remove the skins with a potato peeler if desired.

  2. Fill the Steam 'N Mash reservoir up to the marked line with cold water.

  3. Place the drip tray into the bottom of the unit. Be sure to line up the unit heater vent with the heater post.

  4. Snap the Steam 'N Mash potato beaters into the unit mixing arm.

  5. Load between two and three pounds of potatoes into the steaming bowl so that the bowl is filled halfway. Try to distribute the weight of the potatoes evenly around the bowl and do not block the vent. Insert the bowl into the unit. Turn the lid clockwise to lock it into place.

  6. Plug in the unit. Set the steam time to 40 minutes and start the timer.

  7. Remove the steam bowl carefully after 40 minutes and add your favorite potato toppings and spices to the bowl. The Steam 'N Mash manual recommends that you wear oven mitts during this step to prevent injury.

  8. Put the bowl back into the Steam 'N Mash unit and press the "Mix" button until your potatoes are mashed and ready to serve. You should not hold the button for more than 2 minutes.