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Keurig B30 Instructions

Irene A. Blake

The Keurig B30 is a Keurig Mini Brewer system. The B30 quickly brews a single cup of coffee, tea, cocoa or specialty beverage in the brand and flavor of your choice. The Keurig B30 does this with Keurig proprietary K-Cup portion packs -- self-contained, single-serving plastic containers that have all of the required beverage ingredients and a filter in each pack. To brew a single beverage serving with your Keurig B30, you simply need to have a K-Cup, water and a colored drink mug or cup. After brewing, regular cleanup is a snap using common household cleaning tools.


Keurig B30 Instructions
  1. Plug in and turn on your Keurig B30 Mini Brewer.

  2. Open the K-Cup holder lid by pushing "Press to Open" on the lid. Insert the K-Cup of your choice and close the lid.

  3. Pour approximately 8 oz. of filtered, distilled or bottled water into the hot water tank when its lid pops open. Close the tank lid. When you see the "Place a Cup" LED -- marked with a cup icon -- flash, put your mug or cup on the drip tray plate.

  4. Push the "Brew" button when the "Brew" LED flashes to start the brew cycle. If the unit is functioning correctly, you should see the "Heat" LED -- flame icon -- turn red. The unit should dispense your beverage after the LED turns off.

  5. Remove your mug or cup after the unit finishes dispensing.


  1. Unplug your brewer. Fill a sink with warm water and enough mild detergent to make the water sudsy.

  2. Pull the drip tray and plate from the unit and dump any liquid in the tray down a drain. Wash the pieces with your water and a lint-free microfiber cloth. Rinse the pieces thoroughly under running water to remove all residues and then air-dry.

  3. Remove the K-Cup holder and funnel from the unit; separate the funnel from the holder. Wash the pieces by hand or in the top rack of a dishwasher. Unfold a paper clip and push one of the wire ends into the exit needle tube to dislodge any debris accumulated inside. Rinse the pieces thoroughly and air dry.

  4. Wipe inside the hot water tank and the outside of the unit with a damp, water-only cloth. Reassemble the pieces and return them to the unit. Plug in and use your brewer.

  5. Fill the hot water tank with undiluted, distilled white vinegar every three to six months to de-scale the unit. Place a 10 oz. colored mug or cup on the drip tray. Plug in the brewer and turn on the brew cycle without inserting a K-Cup.

  6. Pour the dispensed hot vinegar into the water tank when the brew cycle ends and then start another cycle. As the liquid begins to pour into your cup, press the "Power" button to turn off the unit.

  7. Wait 30 minutes. Push "Power" again and finish the brew cycle. Dispose of the vinegar and then repeat the brew cycle with fresh water four more times to flush the vinegar completely from the unit.