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Do-It-Yourself Vaporizer

Shara JJ Cooper

Vaporizers are machines that emit hot steam, which can relieve cold and allergy symptoms or be used as part of a beauty facial routine. While commercial vaporizers are available, a simple vaporizing system can be created from household items. Using this method, you can steam your face several times a day as needed.

Inhale hot water vapors to relieve a cold.

Essential oils like sage, pine and peppermint can be added to the water to create a steam that will rapidly relieve congestion and clear out the nasal passages.

  1. Boil a full kettle of water on the stove or use your electric kettle to boil water.

  2. Pour the water into a large, ceramic mixing bowl. You do not want to use a metal or plastic bowl because these materials will react to the heat, making the bowl too hot to touch. The heat can also release chemicals that you don't want to breath in. A strong glass bowl may also work but it will be quite hot to the touch. Fill the bowl half-full of hot water.

  3. Add any additional items to the water as desired. Some options are sea salt, essential oils or a commercial product designed to relieve congestion.

  4. Hold your head over the bowl so your face is about 4 inches from the water's surface. Don't lean too close or the steam can burn your skin.

  5. Put a large towel over your head to close the steam in. The towel will act like a tent, trapping the vapors. Hold your head in this position for five to 10 minutes, breathing deeply during this time.

  6. Remove the towel and place the bowl by your bed. The vapors will continue to steam into the room as long as the water is hot. You can also add some more hot water to the bowl before going to sleep to increase the amount of vapors in the room.