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How to Clean a Thermasol Steam Unit

Meredith Jameson

The ThermaSol Company manufactures steam showers, which are small enclosed units that create and hold heated water vapor that is made by a steam generator unit. Some steam showers are large and are meant for several people, while some are small and meant for single person use.

Many people feel that breathing steam and exposing their body to steam provides health benefits. ThermaSol steam showers are equipped with a “PowerFlush” automatic cleaning system, which requires only a few steps for proper use.

  1. Turn the steam system “Off." Go to the steam generator, which is connected to the outside of the unit. This unit may be located next to the steam shower or connected to the steam shower outside.

  2. Open the “PowerFlush Valve” and wait for 5 minutes. The valve is located on top of the generator near the front.

  3. Close the “PowerFlush Valve” and return to the steam shower. Note that there is no need to open the PowerFlush Valve on the “AF” and “Pro” series units. For those units, skip Steps 2 and 3 and move to Step 4.

  4. Using two fingers, press and hold the up and down arrows on the main steam shower keypad. Hold the arrows down for 10 seconds. This will activate the “PowerFlush” cleaning cycle.

  5. Wait for the cleaning cycle to finish completely before using the steam shower unit.