Instructions for Omega Steam Zapper

Meredith Jameson

The Euro-Pro Omega Steam Zapper is a steam cleaner designed to clean countertops, tile, windows, mirrors, patio furniture, decks, cars, grills and sinks. It can also be used to steam clean clothing items and upholstery.

Sold online and in select home retail stores, the Omega Steam Zapper does not use chemicals, which may make the device appealing to those with allergies or individuals looking for a more environmentally friendly option than cleaners that use chemical formulas. Operating the Steam Zapper is relatively easy but caution should be used during operation as the steam can be very hot and may burn clothes or skin.

  1. Turn off the Steam Zapper and unplug from the power supply. Turn the water tank cap in a counterclockwise direction to remove.

  2. Place the water funnel, provided with the unit, into the top of the water tank. Pour in two liters of warm, clean tap water. Close the water tank cap in a clockwise direction.

  3. Plug the steam cleaner into a working power supply and press the “on” button. Allow at least 10 minutes for the machine to properly heat the water. The “Steam Ready Light” illuminates when properly heated.

  4. Press the “Steam On/Off” handle to dispense steam. Note that some water may drip out of the nozzle at first. This will resolve on its own.

  5. Point the cleaning handle at the area to be cleaned and move the cleaning handle in a forward and backward motion over the desired area, depressing the “Steam On/Off” trigger to emit steam.

  6. When steam cleaning is complete, follow over the cleaned area with a clean, soft towel to wipe away excess condensation and dry the area. The Euro-Pro Company recommends the use of terrycloth towels.


Supervise children and pets when the Steam Zapper is in use, as hot steam can cause burns.