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How to Use a Sharper Image Steamer

Robert Ceville

Sharper Image steamers make it possible to remove wrinkles from your clothing or other fabrics, but if not used properly, the steamer can cause damage to them instead. By first filling the water reservoir, then lightly steaming the fabric, you can remove wrinkles in only a matter of minutes. If you haven't ever used your Sharper Image steamer before, or have lost the manual, you are in luck. The company has made operation of their steamers simple enough that anyone can use the device without hassle.

Step 1

Fill the water reservoir and make sure that the "Rubber Accessory Housing" and "Fabric Brush/Lint Remover" are connected as well. This keeps excess water from spilling out of the steam nozzle.

Step 2

Plug the steamer's AC cable into an available three-pronged power outlet that has been properly grounded. Do not use an outlet that only has two prongs without grounding. The "Heat Indicator" light will become illuminated.

Step 3

Let the steamer heat up for two minutes. It will begin emitting steam once it is heated.

Step 4

Point the steamer, and any attachments, towards the fabric that you wish to use it on. Keep the steamer pointed away from your face, plants and any people or pets that may be in close proximity.

Step 5

Move the steamer back and forth over the fabric slowly. For optimal results, keep the flow of steam concentrated over the section of material that you are steaming.