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How to Remove Honey From Fabric Furniture

Allison Westbrook

Furniture is a big investment and an important part of the home. When something like honey falls on the furniture, it is often difficult to clean up. Upholstered furniture can be a chore to keep clean, as some fabrics are sensitive to chemicals and staining.

If you get honey on your fabric furniture, clean it out with some mild cleaning techniques.

  1. Remove any excess honey by scraping it away with a hard edge such as a credit card or spoon. Do not use a sharp edge, as this can tear or damage the fabric. Make sure that the surface is free of debris and can be wiped without accumulating dirt and other particles.

  2. According to Good Housekeeping, you should mix 1 tbsp. of liquid hand dish washing soap with 2 cups of cold water. Make sure that the soap is completely dissolved before dipping the clean cloth into the mixture. Use the cloth to dab and blot the honey stain repeatedly. Be gentle, and don't pull at the furniture's fabric. Repeat this step as much as needed in order to fully remove the stain. Allow the liquid to be fully absorbed into the fabric.

  3. Examine the stain to make sure all of the honey has been lifted from the fabric. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into cold water. Dab the cloth over the area that was previously stained. Let the fabric absorb the cold water, and then blot it dry with another soft cloth. Allow the remainder of the fabric to air dry.

  4. If the honey stain remains on the furniture after applying mild soap and water, repeat the process. Persistent stains may require the help of a professional stain remover. Don't risk using harsh chemicals on your furniture, as this can do more damage than good, possibly ruining the fabric altogether or drastically fading the colors. However, if you must use a chemical stain remover, read the bottle to make sure it is appropriate for your fabric. Spot check a small area before using the stain remover on a visible area of the fabric.

  5. Tip

    Avoid eating on your furniture to prevent honey stains from occurring.


    Treat a honey stain promptly. The longer you allow it to sit untreated, the more difficult it will be to remove it.