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How to Get Deodorant Out of Silk

Kimbry Parker
Remove deodrant from a silk blouse as soon as possible to prevent damage to the fabric.

Deodorant is a must-have, especially for a busy mom on the go, but it doesn’t mix well with silk fibers. The chemicals found in deodorant can cause the silk to weaken, which can lead to fraying or discoloration. If you find your chic silk blouse is stained with deodorant, don’t panic. You can salvage the shirt by removing the deodorant marks so they don’t damage the garment.

Step 1

Rub over the deodorant marks with a clean cotton rag. Use some force when rubbing, but pay attention to the fabric as you’re doing so to make sure it doesn’t become damaged. Continue rubbing the cotton rag over the marks until they have faded.

Step 2

Mix equal parts white vinegar and cold water into a bowl if any traces of the deodorant remain on the blouse. Moisten a clean sponge with the vinegar and water solution.

Step 3

Sponge the vinegar and water solution onto the deodorant marks. Dab with a cotton rag to absorb the moisture. Continue this process until the deodorant is completely out of the blouse. Launder the blouse as usual.


Apply a fabric guard to the underarm area of silk blouses to help protect the fabric from deodorant.