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How to Get Fruit Punch Out of Your White Shirt

April Dowling

Beverage spills are inevitable, especially at social functions where many people are gathered. Tripping or bumping into someone can result in fruit punch on your white shirt. Fruit punch contains soda, sugar and assorted fruit juices, which together generate tannin stains on fabric. Fruit punch, like all beverages, requires rapid removal to prevent the red stain from permeating further. The quicker you address fruit punch stains, the better the possibility of your white shirt being restored.

Fruit punch stains are apparent on white shirts.
  1. Blot excess fruit punch off your shirt with white paper towels. Constantly use clean towels to prevent spreading the punch further.

  2. Cover the entire punch stain with liquid heavy-duty laundry soap. Let soap dwell on the stain for 15 minutes.

  3. Wet a white cloth with cold water. Using the wet cloth, blot the fabric to rinse out the laundry soap.

  4. Remove the fruit punch stain completely by laundering the shirt with 1/4 cup of chlorine laundry bleach in a washing machine. Use the warmest water acceptable to the shirt's fabric type. Read the shirt's care label for specific laundering directions.

  5. Lay the freshly laundered shirt flat to air-dry.