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How to Troubleshoot a Holmes HM495 Humidifier

Meredith Jameson

The Holmes HM495 humidifier is a filter-free ultrasonic unit that adds moisture to the air in a small space, room or apartment and may be particularly useful during cold or dry weather. The humidifier is sold online and in many home retail and department stores. This unit should be cleaned on a regular basis to help keep bacteria and mineral scale from building up in the machine, reducing water quality and hampering proper function of the unit. Troubleshooting other issues that may arise with the humidifier may help resolve potential problems.

  1. Connect the Holmes humidifier firmly to a power supply if the unit is not working and there is no steam issuing from the unit. Replace or reset the circuit breaker or fuse as necessary.

  2. Tighten the cap on the water tank if there is water leaking from the humidifier. Make sure the rubber ring on the tank cap is in place. Replacement rubber rings can be requested from Holmes.

  3. Use only cool water when filling the water tank if there is water leaking from the unit or there is low steam dispensing from the unit. Hot water may also cause pressurization inside the tank, which can cause the tank to crack.

  4. Turn the volume up on the humidifier if cold water has been placed in the unit and there is sufficient power but not enough mist. Make sure the tank is filled to the "max" line.