How Do I Fix My Bissel Carpet Cleaner That Has Lost Suction?

Bissell is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and serving home-care products, including carpet cleaners.
When your Bissel carpet cleaner loses suction, it can't effectively extract the water out of your carpet. Your carpet will be wetter than normal and take much longer to dry. You can fix a malfunctioning Bissel carpet cleaner by inspecting faulty connections that may be reducing the suction.

Step 1

Turn the machine off and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Locate the ReadyTools dial on top of the head of the machine. Make sure it is set on "Floor Cleaning," or "Tools" if you're using an attachment to clean stairs or upholstery. Simply turn the knob to the proper adjustment.

Step 3

Check that the two-in-one water tank and formula tank are installed properly. Lift them up and out of their holders. The two-in-one tank has a convenient carrying handle. Replace the tanks so they fit securely inside their respective holders.

Step 4

Check the edge of the nozzle on the top tank to make sure it's seated in the groove of the bottom tank. A poor connection will reduce the suction in your Bissell carpet cleaner.

Step 5

Empty the two-in-one water tank as soon as it's full of dirty water and the red float door has closed. Refill the bladder with hot tap water and continue using the machine.

Step 6

Reopen the red float door if the Bissell carpet cleaner loses suction while you're using it. This can occur if you're moving the machine back and forth too fast. It can also occur if you run into something. Turn the machine off for several seconds, turn it back on and proceed.


  • Bissell recommends suctioning clean water from a bowl to rinse out the hose.
  • After emptying the two-in-one water tank, rinse it under hot tap water and clean underneath the heavy-duty bladder.
  • If you need to replace belts or brushes, call Bissell Consumer Services at 800-237-7691.

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