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How to Empty a Dyson DC07

Matthew Ferguson

Your Dyson DC07 contains a clear plastic bin for collecting and disposing of dirt and debris. The bin is cylinder-shaped and located on the front of the machine. A "MAX" mark on the front of the bin indicates when the time has come to empty it of its contents. Emptying your Dyson DC07 bin as needed allows the machine to continue operating effectively.

  1. Press the cyclone release catch at the tip of the Dyson DC07 cyclone handle. The cyclone forms the upper portion of the bin.

  2. Lift the bin free of the base of the Dyson DC07 vacuum.

  3. Place the lower half of the bin inside a garbage bag and surround the bin with the bag. While you can empty the bin directly into a garbage can, enclosing a garbage bag around the bin reduces the amount of dust that can escape.

  4. Pull the release trigger on the underside of the cyclone handle to open the bin base and release the contents of the bin into the garbage bag.

  5. Shake or tap the side of the bin to ensure all contents are emptied.

  6. Feel the bin base through the bag. Close the base shut before removing the bin from the bag.

  7. Seal the bag to prevent dust from escaping. Reinstall the bin onto the DC07 vacuum cleaner.