Where Is the Defrost Timer on a Kenmore Bottom Freezer Fridge?

Kenmore bottom-freezer refrigerators come equipped with a defrost timer.

Light Compartment

A defrost timer is an advanced feature that prevents frost in the freezer; however, locating the defrost timer can sometimes be difficult since the location depends on the specific refrigerator model. .

In some Kenmore bottom-freezer models, the defrost timer can be located by removing the cover that is over the light inside of the refrigerator compartment. This can be removed by wedging a flat head screwdriver along the edge and wiggling the cover off. For some models, you may need to remove screws first.

Refrigeration Controls

In other Kenmore models, the defrost timer is placed with the refrigeration temperature controls, located at the top of the refrigerator compartment towards the front. Locate the defrost timer by removing the cover of the cold control feature. Wedge a flat head screwdriver along the edge and wiggle off the cover. For some models, you may need to remove screws first.


If you still cannot find the defrost timer, this may be because it is not a separate device. Some Kenmore refrigerators have the defrost timer built into the ice maker located in the freezer. In this instance, you may not have independent access to make adjustments or repairs.

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