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How to Remove an Amana Ice Maker

Nathan McGinty

The ice maker in an Amana refrigerator provides a constant supply of fresh ice. Just like any other appliance part, however, it can break down. One solution to this is to use a universal ice maker, which can fit into Amana freezers with little or no modification.

Removing an Amana ice maker isn't a difficult task, and doesn't require any specialized tools. As with working on any other major appliance, always ensure that the power is off before starting.

  1. Shut off the power for the Amana refrigerator that contains the ice maker that you want to repair, either by unplugging the power cord or switching off the power to the circuit where the refrigerator is plugged in.

  2. Open the freezer door. Look for the icemaker on the left hand side of the freezer compartment. Insert the edge of a flat-head screwdriver underneath the plastic cover and pry it off the end of the icemaker gently.

  3. Remove the screws holding the front plate in place on the front of the ice maker with the Phillips screwdriver. Pull the front cover off the ice maker.

  4. Pull off the end of the ice maker. Remove the ice tray, control lever and ice maker bin. Unscrew the support bracket mounted on the side of the wall, and remove it.

  5. Unplug the back of the icemaker from the refrigerator wiring. Look for a small, plastic plug with wires attached leading from the back of the refrigerator into the back of the ice maker. Pull this out by the plug, not the wires.

  6. Unscrew the back of the icemaker from the rear of the Amana freezer compartment. Unplug the water hose from the water inlet. Remove the icemaker from the freezer.