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How to Disconnect & Remove a Kitchenaid Ice Maker

James Clark

Disconnecting and removing the ice maker from your Kitchenaid refrigerator is necessary to repair the component -- or if you simply want to make more room in your freezer. The ice-maker assembly is bolted to the upper inside of the freezer on the back wall. Taking out the component increases available storage space for frozen food. A few basic safety precautions must be followed before working on the Kitchenaid, just as you would take precautions when working with any electrical appliance.

  1. Unplug the power cord for the refrigerator. Do this before shutting off the valve under the sink to the water supply line connected to the back of your Kitchenaid. The valve is tapped into the main cold water line below the sink.

  2. Open the freezer door. Close the emitter door on the left wall of the freezer next to the ice maker, and open the ice maker door. Pull the door outward and to the left so the pin at the bottom disengages from the pivot hinge at the bottom. Lift out and remove the ice-maker door.

  3. Remove the screw at the bottom-right corner of the ice maker with a screwdriver to take out the wire shield.

  4. Push up on the two retaining clips under the ice maker where it connects to the freezer wall, and pull forward on the component.

  5. Disconnect the plug behind the ice maker where the wiring harness attaches to the freezer wall. Remove the ice maker from the freezer, close the door and plug in the power cord.