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User Instructions for a Wexford Deluxe Tower Fan

Michael Wallace

The Wexford Deluxe tower fan is a useful item on a hot summer day because it is multi-functional. You can set it to different speeds or utilize an internal timer which will automatically stop the fan after a certain time. The top controls are accessible and are identifiable by LED lights that flash when a certain function is enabled.

  1. Locate the "Power" button on the included remote control and press it to turn the unit on. There are buttons on top of the fan which control the unit as well.

  2. Locate the three "Air Speeds" buttons on the remote and select the level of air speed you would like.

  3. Find the "Wind Patterns" buttons and choose between "Continuous Air," "Rhythm Breeze" and "Soothing Sleep."

  4. Press the "Oscillation" button to have the fan turn back and forth.

  5. Press the "Timer Settings" to set a time for the fan to automatically turn off. Choose between one, two, four and eight hours.