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Instructions for a Zenith Air Conditioner ZW5000T8

Meredith Jameson

The Zenith air conditioner model ZW5000T8 is a room air conditioner designed to cool small spaces or rooms. The air conditioner is relatively straightforward to use and maintain but should only be operated by adults due to the use of electricity and the weight of the unit, which could cause serious injury. Users should clean the air conditioner on a regular basis to ensure proper performance, including turning off the unit and cleaning the air filter and wiping down the interior of the air conditioner to remove excess dirt and dust. Daily operation of the air conditioner is a simple process.

Zenith air conditioners can be purchased at many home supply or appliance stores
  1. Plug the Zenith air conditioner into a power supply. Do not plug into an extension cord, as extension cords cannot support the power needed for the device.

  2. Turn the power switch to "On" and choose "Low" or "Hi" fan speed. This will moderate how slowly or quickly the fan blows.

  3. Adjust the temperature control dial to the desired cooling level. "Fan Only" will only blow air but will not provide additional cooling. Turn the dial to "Cool On" for cooling and then adjust to the desired level of cooling, with "1" being the lowest amount of cool air and "9" being the highest amount of cold air.

  4. Use the control tabs on the horizontal control near the top of the unit to direct the air flow in the desired direction.

  5. Wait at least three minutes between switching between a "Fan Only" setting to a "Cool On" setting to allow time for the air conditioner to adjust. Turn off the air conditioner when not in use.