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How to Set a Carrier Air V Air Conditioner

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

As a subsidiary of the United Technologies Corporation, Carrier has been manufacturing heating and cooling systems for commercial and residential customers for over 100 years. Carrier's Air V series units are transportable air conditioners designed specifically for use in recreational vehicles. In addition to multiple cooling and fan settings, the Air V also offers a filtering feature that removes dust, pollen and other allergens. Setting a Carrier Air V conditioner takes just seconds.

  1. Use the "Master Control" knob to set the fan speed or cooling setting, as desired. Rotate the knob to "Low Fan" to circulate a small quantity of air without cooling, or "High Fan" to circulate a larger amount of air without cooling. Move the "Master Control" knob into the "Low Cool" position to run the unit on its lowest cooling setting. Turn the knob to the "High Cool" position on hot days or to cool the RV more quickly.

  2. Set the air sweep control on your Carrier Air V. Move the "Air Sweep Control" switch into the "On" position to cause the air conditioner's horizontal blade to move up and down slowly; distributing the air this way causes the room to cool more quickly. Move the switch into the "Off" position to turn off this feature or while manually adjusting the unit's vertical blades.

  3. Use the "Thermostat Control" knob to set the air conditioner to turn on automatically when the RV reaches a desired temperature setting. Rotate the knob toward "Cooler" for a lower temperature setting or toward "Warmer" for a higher one; cooling will begin automatically when the temperature rises above the specified setting, and stop when the RV has cooled to the desired temperature.

  4. Turn the air conditioner off by rotating the "Master Control" knob into the "Off" position; set the unit to off when your air conditioner is not in use and when the RV is left unattended.