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Is the Fan on the Frigidaire Dehumidifier Supposed to Run All the Time?

Jon Stefansson

Frigidaire dehumidifiers help to manage the level of moisture in the air, making indoor environments safer for people with asthma or other respiratory problems. High humidity levels contribute to breathing difficulties and reduce the cooling efficiency of sweat to cool the body. Frigidaire dehumidifiers come with a built-in fan to help air circulate through the appliance and boost the amount of moisture removed from the air; its function keeps the dehumidifier running efficiently.

The Fan

The fan helps draw in and expel air from the appliance. It runs at all times while the dehumidifier is switched on, helping to distribute dehumidified air around the room. You cannot switch off the fan without stopping the appliance.

Fan Speeds

The dehumidifier fan has two speed settings: "Low" and "High." Press the "Fan Speed" button to toggle between the two speed settings. The higher fan speed increases the speed by which air is expelled from the dehumidifier into the room.

No Fan Sound

You should be able to hear the dehumidifier fan running when the appliance is switched on; an absence of fan sound may indicate a problem. Check that the dehumidifier is plugged in and switched on if there is a lack of sound. The appliance automatically shuts off when the water tank is full.

Advantages of Higher Fan Speed

A higher fan setting results in quicker moisture removal from the air. You might want to put the fan on "High" when you first switch on the dehumidifier, to help bring down the humidity to a level easily maintained on "Low."