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The Cause of a Noisy Evaporator Fan in the Kenmore Freezer

Andrew Todd

If you hear a loud, continuous noise or a loud clicking coming from the rear of the freezer compartment in your Kenmore freezer, the evaporator fan requires attention. The evaporator fan consists of a motor and a fan blade, both of which if damaged or blocked can cause a noise to be heard from the freezer.

Safety Precautions

Before disassembling your refrigerator, disconnect the refrigerator's power source. This is accomplished by moving the appliance away from the wall or turning off the breaker in your home's service panel.

Evaporator Fan Purpose

The evaporator fan is an important part of the overall cooling of the refrigerator. The fan is located above the evaporator coils, and it circulates air over the coils. Additionally, the circulation of air ensures that the freezer compartment is an even temperature. The evaporator fan also plays a crucial role in the cooling of the fresh food compartment, because the movement of air forces air to pass through the damper into the fresh food compartment.

Accessing the Fan

The fan is not visible in the fully assembled state of the refrigerator. To access it, you must remove all of the contents from the freezer, including the shelves, drawers and drawer rails, which are secured using screws. Remove the screws securing the rear panel, and then remove the panel itself to access the fan.

Inspecting the Fan

Often, a noisy fan motor is an indication that the fan is about to die, which is normal as the refrigerator ages. Before replacing the fan motor, inspect the fan blade. Ensure that the blades are not cracked or damaged, which could create a buzzing or clicking noise. Ensure that there the fan blades are not coming in contact with anything such as loose wires. If there are no obstructions, replace the fan motor itself.