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My Frigidaire Gas Range Buttons Are Not Working

Andrew Todd

Frigidaire gas ranges have an electronic oven control located in the control panel housing. The electronic oven control is used to turn on the oven and adjust the internal temperature. The control also houses the kitchen clock and kitchen timer. If the buttons become unresponsive, the range may need to be reset, or the electronic oven control may have failed completely.

Reading Fault Codes

Sometimes, the display on your Frigidaire range's control housing will indicate a failure by way of a fault code. Fault codes begin with the letter "F" and are followed by a number. The fault code is used to identify a specific error with range. If the fault codes "F0," "F1," "F5" or "F6" are displayed, the electronic oven control has failed and must be replaced.

Resetting the Range

If a fault code is not displayed yet the electronic oven control has become unresponsive to user input, reset the Frigidaire range. The oven control is an electronic device, and like all electronic devices, it may lock-up from time to time. To reset the range, pull the range away from the wall, then unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Alternatively, turn off the range breaker in your service panel. Allow the range to remain without power for a least a minute, which allows the electronic oven control to reset, then restore power.

Accessing the Electronic Oven Control

An unresponsive electronic oven control may be due to a disconnected wire harness. To examine the wire connections, pull the Frigidaire range away from the wall, unplug the range and then remove the screws securing the upper rear panel. Remove the rear panel and examine the wire connectors attached to the electronic oven control. Touch each connector to ensure that they are securely connected.

Replacing the Electronic Oven Control

To replace the electronic oven control, unplug the Frigidaire oven and remove the screws securing the electric oven control to the control housing of the range. If the new electronic oven control does not include an overlay, remove the overlay from the front of the old electronic oven control and then affix it to the new electronic oven control. Install the new electronic oven control using the screws that were removed and then transfer the wires one at a time from the old module to the new module.