How to Remove the Glass to Clean a Majestic DV580 RN

Jon Stefansson

The Majestic DV580 RN is a glass-fronted, gas fireplace designed to provide reliable heat and a stylish alternative to traditional wood-burning stoves. Removing the sheet of heatproof glass for cleaning involves removing the louvers, the vents at the top and bottom of the fireplace.

Over time, dirt and dust sticks to the condensation inside the glass, giving a dusty or charred appearance. Cleaning the glass restores the original shine of the DV580 RN.


Don't use abrasive cleaners to wash the glass. You should not remove or clean the glass when the fireplace is hot to avoid cracking the glass through thermal shock. Avoid striking or slamming the glass.

  1. Switch off all electrical power, turn the "ON/OFF" switch to "OFF" and turn the gas control knob to "OFF." The pilot light should go out. Wait five minutes for any remaining gas to clear. Do not proceed if you smell gas. Let the fireplace cool if it was recently in use.

  2. Pull the top louver, the vent above the glass, up and out. Carefully lean the glass panel forward; the hinged bottom louver swings with the glass.

  3. Pull down on the clamp handles along the lower edge of the frame to release the glass panel in its frame.

  4. Gently tilt the frame outward at the bottom and lift the glass panel and frame out of the fireplace. Reverse these steps to replace the glass panel when cleaning is complete.