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Removing a GE Profile Stove Top

Andrew Todd

GE Profile ranges have a glass stove top with several burners located below. If the glass panel on the stove top is damaged -- which most often occurs when a heavy item is dropped on it -- you must remove the top and install a new one. Before removing the stove top, you must gain access to the underside of the panel and remove the burners. Once the burners are removed, lift the panel up and off of the range to make way for the new top.

Step 01

Turn off the range breaker in your home's service panel.

Step 11

Open the oven door, then remove the screws from the underside of the front of the main top, which are protected when the door is closed.

Step 21

Close the oven door, then lift the main top. Secure the top in an elevated position using a support rod, or have a partner hold the top up.

Step 31

Remove the screws and brackets securing each burner, then remove the burners from the underside of the stove top.

Step 41

Lift the stove top up and off of the range.