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How to Reset a Kenmore Electric Range Model Number 95680

Andrew Todd

The Kenmore 95680 is a residential range that combines a single oven and a stove. The 95680 has a digital clock, located in the center of the control panel. The digital clock is connected to the electronic range control, which controls all functions of the range, including the kitchen timer, oven cycles, oven temperature and the burner temperatures. If the electronic range control becomes unresponsive or malfunctions, you should reset the range to restore functionality.

  1. Turn off the range and allow it to completely cool if hot.

  2. Pull the range away from the wall so that the power cord is accessible. Lift the front of the range when pulling away from the wall if an anti-tip plate is installed.

  3. Unplug the range power cord from the wall outlet and allow it to remain unplugged for at least one minute. If the range is hard-wired to the electrical system, turn off the associated breaker in your service panel and allow it to remain off for at least one minute.

  4. Plug the power outlet back into the wall outlet or turn on the range breaker.

  5. Push the range back against the wall.