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How to Unlock a KitchenAid Electric Superba Range

D.C. Winston

KitchenAid Superba oven ranges, known as the Architect Series, have a locking mechanism on the control pad. The purpose is for child safety, self cleaning, or simply for blocking entry to the oven interior while it is in use. The locking mechanism has a designated keypad procedure to engage and disengage the lock and there is no shortcut to this process, as a safety precaution. Most KitchenAid control keypads and locking processes are similar. The specific directions for your range model can be found in the KitchenAid owner's manual.

Unlock a KitchenAid Electric Superba Range
  1. Depress the "Control Lock" or "Start/Control Lock" button on the keypad with your finger.

  2. Hold down the pad for approximately 5 seconds until the words "Control Lock" disappear from the LCD display.

  3. Allow the oven to finish cooling after running the self-cleaning function before attempting to unlock the oven range. As a safety measure the "Lock" function will not release until the oven completes the high-temperature cleaning cycle.