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How to Adjust a GE Range

Patrick Nelson

The operation of the oven and top burners should be checked after installation. The burners should light within four seconds of pressing the top burner knob and moving it to the "Lite" position. Clicking indicates the spark module works properly. The flames need to be visually checked for quality. All yellow flames indicate a problem. Yellow tips on blue outer cones is normal for liquid petroleum (LP) gas and soft blue flames is normal for natural gas. Other adjustments you can make are leveling.

The flames need to be visually checked for quality.
  1. Level the range. Make sure the oven racks are installed and the range is positioned where it will be used. Use a level on the racks. Adjust the front leveling legs from the bottom with an adjustable wrench. The back legs can be adjusted from the top and the bottom.

  2. Check the bottom burner flames. Remove the oven bottom and look. Flames should have a blue cone and shouldn't have a yellow tip if the fuel is natural gas. Flames should not lift of the burner ports

  3. Turn the oven off and adjust the GE range's air shutter opening if lifting is observed in Step 2. Reduce the air shutter opening. Remove the drawer and loosen the Philips head on the shutter---the shutter is at the back wall behind the drawer--and rotate the shutter towards the closed position.

  4. Check the top (broil) burner. The air adjustment shutter is in the center of the rear wall of the oven. Again, adjust it if there's lifting.