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Frigidaire LP Conversion Kit Instructions

Cameron Easey

Converting a Frigidaire natural gas range to LP gas requires changing the size of the orifice used for the burners. This includes the stovetop burners, the bake or oven burner and the burner for the broiler. The LP conversion kit includes the required orifices that you need to install on your Frigidaire gas range to successfully convert it from natural gas to LP.

Step 1

Match the orifice for the LP gas to the correct size socket. Verify the correct size orifice is available for each stovetop burner.

Step 2

Place a small piece of paper towel over the open end of the socket. Insert the orifice into the socket and then attach the socket to the socket wrench. This will hold the orifice in the socket.

Step 3

Insert the orifice onto the valve on the burner head. Turn the orifice clockwise until it is tight.

Step 4

Find the regulator that is attached to the inlet on the oven and remove the vent cap. Turn the insert over and then reinsert the opposite side into the inlet. Replace the vent cap onto the inlet.

Step 5

Look under the range and inside the oven for a brass orifice. The brass orifice is for the bake burner and the broiler. Adjust this orifice by turning it clockwise with the socket wrench to re-size for the LP gas.

Step 6

Turn on the oven and then view the flame for the burner. The burner can take up to two minutes to fully ignite.