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How to Convert a Wolf Cooktop From LP to NG

Cameron Easey

If you have a Wolf gas cooktop that is currently set up for liquid propane (LP) gas you can easily convert it for use with the natural gas (NG) used in your home. To do this you will need to disconnect the current LP to NG conversion kit that is set up to allows the cooktop to use LP. Disconnecting an LP to NG conversion kit requires replacing or adjusting LP parts that are on the unit to accept the NG.

Step 1

Look under the front of the cooktop and locate the pressure regulator. Remove the attached nut with an adjustable wrench.

Step 2

Take out the pin that is inside the nut and turn the pin 180 degrees. Insert the pin back into the nut and re-tighten on the pressure regulator.

Step 3

Remove the LP conversion label that is next to the rating plate.

Step 4

Take off the grates covering the surface burners and remove the burner module. Loosen and remove the brass orifice for the burner with the adjustable wrench. Attach and then tighten the NG orifices for each burner.

Step 5

Set the burner module and the grates back in place.