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Charmglow Grill Instructions

Keith Dooley

Charmglow grills are a brand of gas grill that utilizes propane gas as fuel. Available in stand alone or built-in configurations, Charmglow grills can be purchased in various BTU models and sizes to meet the needs of different home owners. As with any gas fueled grill, proper safety procedures should be followed when lighting and operating a Charmglow gas grill to avoid potential problems or injury during operation.

Follow instructions when lighting an using a Charmglow gas grill.
  1. Check the connection between the Charmglow gas grill fuel line and the propane tank or natural gas line. Hand tighten the gas line fitting on a propane tank or push the quick connect fitting on a natural gas line to check the connection.

  2. Apply a small amount of soapy water to connection points and turn on the gas. Watch for signs of bubbles. Turn off the gas, tighten the fitting and check again. Wipe off soapy water with a wet rag.

  3. Raise the lid of the Charmglow grill. Turn on the gas supply from the propane tank or natural gas line.

  4. Select a burner to initially light and turn the corresponding control knob to high.

  5. Press the ignition button and hold in the depressed position for up to five seconds. Release the button when the burner ignites.

  6. Turn on other Charmglow burners by rotating the corresponding control knob to the high position. Adjust the heat setting on the grill as desired with the control knobs.