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Guide to Smoking With Chips in a Bradley Smoker

Amy Rodriguez

A Bradley smoker cooks meat with smoke instead of a direct flame. Bradley smokers use special wood chips that allow the meat to inherit the flavor from the chips' essence.


Bradley Smokers burn specially designed bisquettes. These bisquettes are compacted wood chips of various types that are bound to one another. The bisquettes burn for a set amount of time and are extinguished with water.


Bradley Smokers burn a bisquette for 20 minutes. The smoker then extinguishes the spent bisquette and automatically replaces it with a fresh one. Several bisquettes may be required to sufficiently cook your meat. The amount of bisquettes used when smoking depends on the meat you're cooking.


Multiple bisquette burnings allow the meat to absorb clean smoke from the initial burning of the fuel. Continuing to smoke with wood chips that are almost completely ash gives the meat an unpleasant aftertaste.