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How to Cook on a Pellet Stove

Nannette Richford

Early kitchens refined the art of cooking on a wood stove, tailoring recipes to fit the conditions. Using a pellet stove to cook isn't much different. Some believe the slow constant heat of burning wood enhances flavor. Both pellet cook stoves and those designed simply for heating can be used for cooking, as long as the stovetop has a flat surface.

Use cast iron cookware to disperse the heat evenly.
  1. Use cast iron cookware for cooking on a pellet stove. Although other pans can be used, cast iron is preferred as it evenly disperses heat and improves flavor.

  2. Adjust the heat level with the damper on the stove. Check the user's manual if you are unsure of how to adjust the damper or the heat level.

  3. Cook foods that require slow even cooking. Stews, meats and beans are good choices, but anything that can be cooked on your range can typically be cooked on a pellet stove with some adjustments to cooking time.

  4. Check the food often to prevent burning or excessive boiling. Adjust the heat as necessary.