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How to Remove Burn Stains from Porcelain Pots

Anthony Smith

A set of porcelain pots is a useful and beautiful addition to your kitchen. They are noted for their shiny finish that sets them apart from most other types of cookware. Pots are meant to be used and not just looked at, so in the course of cooking, your porcelain pots may end up with some burn marks.

When this happens, don't fret. You can restore your pots and have them looking like new again.

  1. Clean the affected area of the pot with a cloth and dish soap. Rinse and dry the pot.

  2. Make a thick paste of baking soda and water and spread a layer of paste to completely cover the burn stain. Rub the paste into the area and leave it to work on the stain for a few minutes.

  3. Scrub the paste over the burn mark gently with a soft cloth. Do not press too hard –the baking soda could scratch the porcelain finish. Rinse the pot clean.

  4. Use Barkeeper’s Friend cleaner or a similar cleaner with oxalic acid as its active ingredient for more stubborn burn stains. Don rubber gloves and then apply it with a soft cloth and scrub gently.

  5. Rinse the cleaner off, and then wash the pot with dish soap and hot water to remove any residue.