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How to Clean a Bradley Smoker

James Clark

Bradley electric smokers work with compressed wood pellet to slow-cook cuts of meat, poultry and fish. They byproducts of smoking foods include grease and fat drippings, as well as ash from the burned wood pellets. Clean the Bradley smoker before each use so the residue from the last cooking session does not contribute off-flavors to your next meal. Although it's tempting to clean the smoker immediately after using the Bradley, wait until the smoker is cool. Cleaning chemicals can heat and even vaporize on hot metal, producing noxious fumes.

  1. Open the door on the side of the Bradley to remove the cooking grate and the metal hopper that holds wood pellets for smoking.

  2. Sweep out the interior of the smoker with the whisk broom and dust pan. Empty the ash from the pellet hopper.

  3. Spray oven cleaner on the interior walls of the smoker, taking care not to get cleaner on the electric heating element at the bottom. Spray both sides of the cooking grate with oven cleaner. Let the cleaner set for the time recommended on the product labeling.

  4. Scrub the cooking grate with the wire grill brush. Scrub the Bradley smoker interior with scouring pads.

  5. Wipe down the interior walls with paper towels dampened in water and leave the smoker door open to air dry the interior. Rinse the cooking grate under running water and dry with paper towels before sliding it back into the notches inside your smoker.