List of Household Degreasing Agents

Rachel Frost

Every household needs an all-purpose degreasing agent to help with tough cleaning jobs. Such degreasing cleaners can work wonders on your stovetop and oven, floors, walls, tiles and counters. In the garage and on the patio, degreasers help you clean grills, tools and even those oil stains in your driveway.

Degreasers can help you keep ovens, floors, counters, grills and more clean.

Cleaners come in spray bottles for smaller jobs and in mixable powders for larger tasks. Commercial products exist, including several environmentally friendly products, or you can even make your own.

Commercial Degreasers

A degreasing spray can easily become your go-to cleaning product for cleaning counters, removing floor scuffs, keeping your stovetop tidy and more. You can find a spray cleaner in your local grocery store or hardware store. For interior use, read the label to ensure your chosen cleaner is nonflammable and water based. For those who routinely have bigger tasks. such as pre-treating clothes after a day at the engine plant or cleaning up from a home automobile business, choose a heavy-duty industrial cleaner from your local hardware or automotive store.

Green Degreasers

A variety of companies now make environmentally friendly, also known as "green," degreasing cleaners. These cleaners are free from harsh chemicals, instead relying on biodegradable components and natural ingredients, such as orange or citrus to fight grease. Green cleaning products generally smell better than traditional cleaners. Some green cleaners also work well with cold water, saving you the energy required to heat water for cleaning.

Homemade Degreasers

You can also make your own degreasing cleaners from common household ingredients, which can save you money, give you a chance to try a solution before creating a full batch and guarantee that you know exactly what is in your cleaning product. One home recipe uses a recycled squeeze bottle with equal parts ammonia and hot water and a squirt of dish soap, which creates a liquid solution ideal for cleaning larger surfaces like counters or floors as well as delicate items like dishes and knickknacks. Another recipe calls for small quantities of baking soda, dish soap and vinegar combined to make a paste. This type of paste and a sponge can tackle stubborn jobs such as a dirty oven or a grill. Several websites offer homemade recipes.