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How to Eliminate Urine Odor on a Hardwood Bathroom Floor

Mel Frank

When you have a hardwood floor in the bathroom, urine can often come into contact with the floor and leave behind a strong smell. The smell can quickly take over the entire bathroom area and make the room seem unclean and uninviting. To get rid of the urine odor, use something that deodorizes and actually breaks up the enzymes in the urine. Do this with an inexpensive cleaner made from household items.

Remove urine odor from your hardwood bathroom floor with a vinegar cleaner.
  1. Mix 1 gallon water and 1 cup white vinegar in a large cleaning bucket. Agitate the bucket to mix the two ingredients.

  2. Dip the cleaning mop into the bucket and wring the mop back out. The vinegar naturally breaks up those urine enzymes plus disinfects and deodorizes the area.

  3. Let the bathroom floor air dry and let the vinegar odor dissipate. Examine to see if any more urine odor is present and if so, repeat the cleaning process.

  4. Let the floor air dry and use this as your all-purpose bathroom floor cleaner to keep the hardwood odor-free.