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How to Light the Pilot for an American Range Fryer

Meredith Jameson

Deep fat fryers by American Range are commercial-grade units meant for user in restaurants, bars and other large-scale applications. The fryer has two baskets and can be adjusted from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The fryer operates with natural gas, with a gas inlet located in the rear of the unit and a gas high-limit shut-off valve to protect the unit and users if the fryer heat exceeds safe limits. If the fryer will not heat, the pilot light may need to be relit — a task only someone familiar with the operation of the fryer should perform.

The American Range fryer is meant primarily for commercial use.

Step 1

Open the oil reservoir from the main access panel on the American Range flyer and add oil to the “Max” line. Close the access panel door.

Step 2

Turn off the fryer thermostat and rotate the gas valve clockwise until the valve is closed.

Step 3

Connect the hose from the gas supply to the fryer gas valve and tighten in a clockwise motion with an adjustable wrench. Rotate the gas valve to “Pilot” and press in the control knob while holding a long-handled lighter in the pilot orifice.

Step 4

Remove the lighter once the pilot light is lit, but continue to hold in the control knob for an additional 30 seconds.

Step 5

Rotate the gas valve to “On” and then turn the fryer thermostat to the desired cooking temperature.