How to Light the Pilot Lights on Kenmore Stoves

If you have a gas stove, the pilot light is a small flame that is continuously burning and serves as an ignition source for the burners.

Standing Pilot Models

A pilot light might go out if the gas is disconnected or if a breeze or fan blows it out. When the pilot goes out, you can't use the burners on your stove. If Kenmore makes your gas stove, it provides pilot lighting instructions in the manual. Although the procedure can vary by stove model, the general process involves accessing the light and adding a flame to it. .

Turn off the knobs to all of the burners on the stove top.

Remove any items from the stove top, and lift it up to expose the pilot ports.

Use a long-handled match to light each of the two pilot ports. Extinguish the match. Lower the stove top back in place. Use the stove as desired.

Electric Ignition Models

Light a long-handled match and hold it close to one of the burners.

Turn the control knob of that burner to the highest setting.

Remove the match from the fire when the burner lights, and turn the control knob back to "Off." Extinguish the match.

Things You Will Need

  • Long-handled match


  • If your Kenmore stove requires frequent lighting, there may be an issue with the unit. Contact your Kenmore certified repair company for service.


  • Never try to light your Kenmore stove top if you smell gas. Do not touch any electrical switches. Immediately leave the room and contact your local emergency services.
  • Kenmore has numerous gas stoves on the market, and each one has its own procedure for lighting the pilot light. Since there can be small variations between series and models, it's important to refer to your specific model's use and care guide for specific instructions.

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