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How to Use a GE Profile Oven Meat Probe

Darryl Cameron

A built-in meat probe is included with GE's Profile Single-Double Wall Oven, a low-profile model that offers an alternating, dual bake element in both ovens and convection cooking in the lower oven. The two ovens together provide a 5.


GE Profile ovens equipped with a meat probe come with suggested temperature settings in the owner's manual.


Use an oven mitt to remove the probe by hand. Do not use tongs on the probe.

If the probe is removed before the set temperature is reached, the oven will not turn off automatically.

The broil and self-clean options will not work if the probe is plugged in. Remove the probe before self-cleaning the oven.

Do not store the probe in the oven.

0 cubic-foot capacity, and multiple cooking modes, including self-clean and delayed bake. Use the meat probe to view internal temperature information on the display panel when you're cooking meats and poultry in the convection oven.

  1. Adjust the convection oven rack so that the food will be evenly spaced between the upper and lower bake elements.

  2. Insert the probe all the way into the meat until the ring at the end of the probe touches the meat.

  3. Insert the probe's plug into the outlet on the oven's interior wall.

  4. Press the "Convection Roast" button on the control panel.

  5. Use the numbered buttons on the control panel to set the oven temperature.

  6. Press the "Probe" button on the control panel.

  7. Use the numbered buttons on the control panel to set the internal meat temperature, up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

  8. Press the "Start" button on the control panel. The display will read "LO" as the oven begins to heat up. When the meat's internal temperature has reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the display will begin to indicate the exact temperature as it rises. When the meat has reached the desired internal temperature, the oven will turn off automatically and sound an audio signal.