Instructions for a Maytag Gemini

Meredith Jameson

The Maytag Gemini is a freestanding range from the Maytag Company that features a double oven and a 6.7-cubic-foot capacity.

Gemini ranges offer a variety of high heat cooking options, a convection lower oven and a preheating feature that heats the oven approximately 40 percent faster than conventional Maytag ovens, according to the company's website. Operating the Maytag Gemini is fairly simple and can be accomplished in a few steps.

  1. Operate cooktop controls when using the cooktop surface. Push the knob in and turn to the desired setting between “HI” and “LO," depending upon the preferred cooking temperature.

  2. Use the “Dual Element” feature when using large pans or cookware that extend beyond one element on the cooktop. Push in and turn the “Dual Element” knob to the right to increase the surface cooking area.

  3. Create a cooking bridge of the two cooking elements on the left side of the cooktop by pressing in and turning the left front control knob to “Bridge” and the left rear control knob to a cooking setting between “Low” and High." Repeat with the right control knobs to create a bridge between the right side cooking elements.

  4. Use the kitchen timer by pressing “Kitchen Timer” and then the "+" or "-" pads until the desired time is displayed. Press “Kitchen Timer” again to begin timing, and again to cancel the operation after the timer concludes.

  5. Set the clock by pressing “Clock” and then the "+" or "-" pads until the desired time is displayed. Press “Start” to confirm.

  6. Calibrate the oven temperature by pressing “Settings” 11 times until “Temp Calib” appears in the upper text area. Press “Start” to calibrate the temperature in the upper oven or "+" to calibrate the lower oven. Press the “Temp/Time” and "+" pad to increase or decrease the oven temperature. Press “Start” to exit the procedure. Calibrating the ovens will allow for a more precise cooking temperature.

  7. Press upper or lower oven “Bake” to begin baking in the oven. Press the “Temp/Time” and "+" button to set the desired oven temperature and press “Start." Wait for “Preheat Done” to scroll in the text area before placing food in the oven. Close the oven door to cook and press “Cancel” when done.

  8. Broil items by placing the food on the top rack using a broiler pan and open the door to the first stop position. Press upper or lower oven “Broil” and adjust the time/temp “+” or "-" pads. Press “Start” to begin cooking and press “Cancel” when done.

  9. Press “Convect Bake” to use the convection oven, followed by the “+” or "-" pads to select the desired temperature. Wait for “Insert food for one rack convect only” to scroll across the text area and then place the food in the oven. Press “Start” and “Lower Cancel” when finished. Convection cooking uses even distribution of heat throughout the oven to provide faster cooking temperatures.