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How to Work an Oster Convection Counter Top Oven

Thomas West

A convection oven has an internally mounted fan that circulates warm air within the oven to cook food quickly and evenly. Although Oster got its start making hair clippers in the mid-1920s, the company branched out in the 1940s with a line of small kitchen appliances. Oster has been a subsidiary of Sunbeam since 1960. The Oster counter top convection oven looks like a regular toaster oven, but has some of the advantages of a larger convection oven, such as an interior light, a broiler and an adjustable rack.

  1. Select a function from the keypad on the right side of the oven. Choose between Oven (for baking, convection baking and broiling), Toast, Pizza, Dehydrate and Defrost. Use the up or down arrows to adjust baking time, temperature and toast shade. Select Timer/Temp when using the oven function to switch from time to temperature. Clock, Lamp, Stop/Cancel and Start are self-explanatory.

  2. Preheat the oven prior to baking by pressing the "Oven" button once. Use the up and down arrows to select the desired temperature. Depress the "Timer/Temp" button once, then press the down arrow until "7:00" shows on the display. Press the "Start" button. Allow the time displayed to count down to zero before placing your food items in the oven. Move the rack to the desired height before turning on the oven.

  3. Open the oven door and place your food items on the rack once the oven has preheated. Depress the "Oven" button then use the up and down arrows to select your baking temperature. Push the "Timer/Temp" button to select the desired baking time, then press "Start." Remove your items from the oven once the baking cycle has completed and the timer sounds.

  4. Use the convection function to cook food faster and more thoroughly. Repeat Step 3 but press the "Oven" button twice. "Fan Bake" will show on the display.

  5. Use the Toast function to toast bread, waffles or pastries. Place the rack at the desired height. Press the "Toast" button, then the up and down arrows to select the desired shade. Press "Start." Remove your bread items from the oven once the toasting cycle has completed

  6. Use the Pizza, Defrost and Dehydrate functions by pressing the corresponding button. Depress the up and down arrow keys to select the correct time, then press the "Start" button. Remove your items from the oven once the function has completed its cycle.