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Instructions for Fisher & Paykel Oven Use

Jamie Lisse

Fisher & Paykel ovens do more than just bake and broil; they have different cooking modes that you can choose depending on what you are making. The Fisher & Paykel oven has fully electronic controls and offers a self-cleaning function to take care of any spills.

It even comes with its own meat probe so you can get your meats at the perfect internal temperature.

  1. Turn the function knob to select a function. Function options are “True Aero,” “Aero Bake,” “Bake,” “Aero Pastry,” “Pastry Bake” and “Roast.” True Areo should be used when you have things on more than one shelf in the oven. Aero Bake browns items quickly. Bake should be used for items that cook longer than one hour. Aero pastry is best for things such as breads and brownies. Pastry bake is for delicate things that do not need to be browned on top, such as custards. Roast should be used for meats and vegetables. Broiling and warming are the final functions you can choose. Broiling is a quick way of heating food that is a healthier alternative to frying. Warming can just be used to keep hot food warm.

  2. Select a temperature using the temperature knob. Turn the knob clockwise to make your selection.

  3. Insert the meat probe, if you are cooking meat. It should go in the thickest part of the meat and not touch the bone. Once your oven has preheated, use an oven mitt to plug the end of the meat probe into the probe socket, which is on the left side of the inside of the oven under the seventh shelf position. Press the “Probe” button on the oven control panel, and you will see the preset temperature of 150 degrees. If you want to change it, press the “Push to Clear” button and make your changes. Once the oven probe reaches the set temperature, it automatically turns off.

  4. Press the “Cook Time” button to set up automatic cooking and rotate the “Push to Clear” button to set your cook time length. If you want the oven to stop at a certain time of day, you can press “Stop Time” and rotate the “Push to Clear” button to set that time.

  5. Clean the oven by removing all the oven racks, bakeware and food spills before selecting the “Self Clean” option on the function knob. Put the temperature knob on its maximum position. The door will lock for the clean cycle, which takes three hours. Wipe down the oven when it is done.


If you are using a recipe that you normally bake and you are going to use the Aero Bake function, lower the temperature setting by 25 degrees.